Oceans of Opportunity

Biotechnology Research and Development

Who We Are

Welcome to SeaTox Research Inc.

Founded in 2013, SeaTox Research Inc is dedicated to discovering new potential innovations from ocean resources.  We create user-friendly bioassays and test kits for marine toxins that contaminate commercially and culturally important seafood.  Our goal is to use natural marine resources to improve global health and well-being.


Our Laboratory

We are located at the Center for Marine Sciences in Wilmington, NC. Our lab facilities are fully equipped for analytical chemistry and cellular/molecular biology. We welcome your questions and inquiries.


News & Events

June 15, 2020
Dr. Jennifer McCall, a lecturer in UNCW’s Department of Biology and Marine Biology, began her entrepreneurial journey after completing her Ph.D. at UNC Charlotte…
May 26, 2020
Founded by Wilmington resident and University of North Carolina Wilmington researcher Dr. Jennifer McCall, SeaTox was formed when McCall saw a way to improve the sometimes…